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Amr Diab: A Star in the Middle East!

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Amr Diab’s real name is Amr Abdel Basset Abdel Aziz Diab.  Amr Diab, who was born in Port Said, Egypt on December, 1961, is one of the most famed singers not only in Egypt, but also in the Middle East. Without a doubt, he inherited his great talent from his parents, since he was born in an artistic family.  Abdul Basset Diab, his father, was the one who encouraged Amr Diab to sing.  In addition, Abdul Basset Diab had a really extraordinary voice.  Thus, when the child was only 6 years old, Amr appeared for the first time on an Egyptian Radio performing Bilady, Bilady, Bilady.

Amr Diab started his artistic preparation at the Cairo Academy or Art, and in 1986, he graduated.  His first album was called “Ya Tareeq” and constituted a great success.  Among the other albums that have conferred him the opportunity of being considered one of the best singers in the Middle East, Hala Hala (1986), Ice Cream Fe Gleem (1992), Nour Alain (1996) and Aktar Wahed (2001) are outstanding.  Amr Diab’s most recent albums are Allem Alby (2003), Leily Nahary (2004) and Kammel Kalamak (2005).

Furthermore, these days, there are three biographies of Amr Diab that are called Amr Diab, the owner of my heart, The Rebellious of Amr Diab and Star of the 20th Century.  Besides, in 1990, Diab was the selected artist to represent Egypt at the 5th Tournament of African Sports.  At that time, he sang in English, French and Arabic as well.  This amazing concert was transmitted on CNN.  Moreover, Amr Diab has appeared in some films, including “Deahk We La’ab”.  Thus, Amr Diab is much more than a great singer.  He is an icon!

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