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The Truth Behind The Success

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Going to a concert of the Rolling Stones may be the dream of a lot of people fascinated with their music. Before attending this event, you should know some important details about their musical career.

The Rolling Stones, a 60-British rock group, was of prominence importance after The Beatles by that time. The Rolling Stones members are Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger, and Ron Wood. Based on the early rock ‘n’ roll, electric blues and other American musical influences, the Rolling Stones created their own prototype of hard rock. By the end of the 60’s, they certainly reached a large number of hit records. It is interesting to notice that every single had an amazing rate of musical growth. This group always combined rock with blues, having a great success on a United States tour, wherein they were known as “The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World.” 

Indeed, they are the long-lasting rock ‘n’ roll band in history. Since the Rolling Stones portrayed an image of bad boys, lots of girls went crazy about them, making them a teen idol group. This band toured constantly America and Europe, thus having live performances where there were crowds of teens screaming. At the same time, they could visit different locations of huge music history that inspired them to record the EP Twelve By Five at the studios of Chess Records in Chicago, Illinois. In 1978, this group recorded Some Girls, their most successful album in years.

The release of the record, Their Satanic Majesties Request, was possible in spite of various members living under the threat of imprisonment. Nevertheless, personal problems of some members continued due to their drug addiction, which indeed affected their artistic career and personal relationships. Perseverance together with dedication have been the main ingredients at which the Rolling Stones have put into practice to survive until these days, making them the world’s biggest and most influential rock groups in the world.

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