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Gustavo A. Santaolalla an Electronic Argentine Musician

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Gustavo A. Santaolalla was born in 1952 in the city of El Palomar, Argentina. He is an Academy Award victorious Argentine producer, composer and musician whose melodic style regularly mixes elements of soul, rock, African melodies and Latin American costumes. He is now one of the mainly required after editors in the Latin American sight.

Santaolalla's specialized music job began in 1967 at 16 years old, when he co-established the band Arco Iris, an Argentine group that lead the way to the mix of Latin American folk and rock as element of 'rock nacional'. The group was the most discernible part of a yogic community lead by former Danais Wynnycka and her associate Ara Tokatlian.

A year afterward, Santaolalla brings together Soluna, in which he performs at the side of adolescent singer and pianist Alejandro Lerner and his later-girlfriend Monica Campins. Mutually they produce just one record, “Energia Natural”. Santaolalla moved away to Los Angeles, where he implemented rock and roll melodies and created the surrounding with his group Wet Picnic, jointly with ex-Crucis component Anibal Kerpel. His tours to Argentina were primarily to record Leon Gieco's 1980 record “Pensar en Nada”. As a single artist, he has composed 3 records. His initial self-called record, “Santaolalla”, bring new ground by including the "eighties" melodies into music in Argentina for the first time.

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