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Robert Rich

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Robert Rich is an American composer and musician of ambient music based in California, USA. As a young child, Robert thought he didn’t like music, yet when he turned 12 he adopted the hobby of growing succulents and he would tune the radio to static at low volume and leave it turned on for the plants. This practice made him catch interest in avant-garde music styles. When Robert was in fifth grade, he began playing the viola, but Robert wasn’t very comfortable reading musical notation and thus he quit the instrument and started experimenting with several objects and instruments to reproduce unique sounds. In 1976, when he was 13 years old, Robert built his own synthesizer and adopted thereafter several influences from various musicians such as John Cage, Terry Riley, Cluster, and Klaus Schulze. Three years later, Robert started working with Rick Davies, a musician with whom he created experimental music inspired by art rock and avant-garde sounds.

Throughout his career, Robert Rich has released more than 35 albums. His first record on CD was Numena, an album in which Robert explored new complex rhythms, acoustic instrumentations and just intonation. In his following albums, there is an evident electronic influence. Robert Rich has also featured in the works of other musicians such as Steve Roach, Ian Boddy, Lisa Moskow, Alio Die, and Brian Lustmord.

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