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Ottmar Liebert

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Ottmar Liebert is a German guitarist, composer and performer of a particular music style called Nouveau Flamenco. The Nouveau Flamenco is a music genre that combines elements of flamenco with other styles of music, especially jazz and bossa nova. His music is often difficult to categorize and is frequently found under the New Age or World Music genre.

Ottmar Liebert is a creative thinker and doer; he has been nominated for the Grammy awards and traveled throughout Europe and Asia finding elements of those traditions to include in his music. Together with his band, Luna Negra, Ottmar has recorded several albums, although the members of the band keep changing constantly except for Ottmar himself and Jon Gagan, the bassist. Since 1990, Ottmar has recorded a total of 23 albums, which include live releases, Christmas albums, and a DVD. Ottmar has also collaborated in works of other artists such as Leda Battisti, James Bobchak, and Jon Gagan. In 1999, Ottmar also produced an album for the band Chuscales, “Soul Encounters / Encuentros Del Alma”.

Nouveau Flamenco, Ottmar Liebert’s debut album sold double-platinum and is one of the best-selling guitar albums. Listeners of Ottmar’s works include hardcore guitarists as well as guitar fans, instrumental music fans, and admirers of his particular and inspiring sound.

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