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Ziggy Marley: Son of the Reggae’s King!

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Ziggy Marley is the son of the world’s best reggae example of all times.  Of course, we cannot be talking about another person but Bob Marley.  Thus, Ziggy Marley was born David Marley in Kingston, Jamaica, and since he was a child, he dealt with music.  He started, at the age of ten, sitting in on the recording sessions of his father and the Wailers.  In addition, when he was young, Ziggy Marley, in conjunction with his three siblings named Sharon, Stephen and Cedella, formed The Melody Makers.  It is worth it to say that this great band played during the funeral of their father in 1981.

The record label of the band, EMI, was interested in marketing Ziggy Marley as a solo.  For this reason, The Melody Makers then moved to Virgin Records, and under this label, they released Conscious Party in 1988.  This album, as well as the further ones, Bright Day (1989) and Jahmekya (1991), were very successful.  Nevertheless, in the early 90’s, the sales of the Melody Makers began decreasing with the albums Joy and Blues (1993) and Free Like We Want to Be (1995).  However, around this time, Ziggy Marley was working with the United Nations.  Also, he created his own record label named Ghetto Youths Crew.  Three years ago, he released a solo album, which was titled Dragonfly.

Furthermore, in 2004, the Rasta jellyfish of the film Shark Tale was voiced by Ziggy Marley.  Besides, he contributed to the production of a cover that Sean Paul was making of one of his father’s songs called “Three Little Birds” for a soundtrack.  Nonetheless, it was not as successful as “Car Wash” by Missy Elliott and Christina Aguilera.  Hence, Ziggy Marley is continuing with his father legacy despite of having his very personal own style.

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