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Ivy Queen – La Caballota!

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Ivy Queen is, without a doubt and as her name implies, the queen of this today famous genre called reggaeton.  In spite of the fact that the field in which she is immersed is absolutely dominated by men, she has got to be where some other men have dreamed.  This is why that it can be said that she is the most well-known female figure in this industry.  Ivy Queen, whose real name is Martha Ivelisse Pesanta, was born in Añasco, Puerto Rico in 1972.  Nonetheless, she was raised in New York, the place where she and her parents moved when she was young.  Then, when she was a teenager, she moved back to Puerto Rico, and until at the age of 18, she moved to San Juan in search for her artistic career.

There, Ivy Queen met DJ Negro, the one who helped her polish their voice and enter a group called “Noise”.  At this point, she performed the song that she wrote, which was called “Somos Raperos Pero No Delincuentes”.  However, DJ Negro was sure about the great success she was soon to have.  For this matter, Ivy Queen was convinced to start her “solo” career.  Hence, in 1997, he debuted with the album she named “En mi Imperio” under the Sony International Records label.  With this album, Ivy Queen sold more than 100,000 copies.  Due to the great representations she made in Dominican Republic, she was named “Rap Singer of the Year” and later awarded the “Artista 97” award.  In addition, the Artista magazine named her “The People’s Favorite Rap Singer."

One year later, Ivy Queen’s second album that was titled Original Rude Girl was recorded.  This album was much more successful than her first one.  In 2003, Ivy Queen released her third album called Diva.  For this album, she wrote every single song and many other artists were very interested to participate on it.  In general, Ivy Queen is very well-known to the fact that she focuses on including positive messages in her songs so that she can make a difference among the rest of the reggaeton singers.  In fact, she always speaks Puerto Rico and how abused women suffer. Thus, she is unique!!! 

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