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Grupo Montez de Durango: Six Years of Success

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The Grupo Montez de Durango (Montez de Durango’s Band) was, and continues being, the ones giving life to the “Música Duranguense” style.  Obviously, as it name implies, they all come from Durango, Mexico.  The band was established as so six years ago.  During this time, they have enjoyed how having a really successful career tastes since they have broken many records in sales and assistance.  Jose Luis Terrazas is the leader of the Grupo Montez de Durango.  Today, the group is made up of Jose Luis Terrazas, Alfredo Ramírez, Daniel Terrazas, Ismael Mijares and Francisco Lopez.

The Grupo Montez de Durango began playing on private parties on weekends and in night clubs in Chicago.  They recorded their first albums, which are called Rama Seca and Tu Mirada, under the name of another company.  However, in search of fulfilling their own expectations, José Luis Terrazas, the leader of the group, created his own record company, today named Terrazas Records.  This company was the one in charge of releasing their 4 further albums.  These are La Ausencia, Con Sabor a Tamborazo and En Vivo.  Later on, the band signed a contract with DISA in order to release their last album: Sube y Baja.

Just a few months of releasing their last album called Sube y Baja, it already went Platinum in the United States.  Included in this album, there are some singles that have been extremely successful in many places and become considered treasures of the band.  Among them, we can find “Sube y Baja”, “Las Mismas Piedras” and “Hoy Empieza Mi Tristeza.”  Moreover, they are also considered to be the ones creating the new kind of dance for the “estilo duranguense” (duranguense style), which is called “el pasito duranguense.” This is a sort of dance that combines two very Latin dances: the “quebradita” and merengue.

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