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Gorillaz: An Original Concept

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Gorillaz is the first virtual hip-hop group that was born in United Kingdom 8 years ago (1998). The members of the band are four animated characters who play a great variety of styles ranging from hip-hop, rap, ska, heavy metal, to punk. Those members are 2D, the cute spacy singer and keyboardist; Noodle, the prodigious guitarist, Russel, the drummer, and Murdoc, the spooky bassist. Gorillaz is a creation of two English artists: Damon Albarn, former vocalist and keyboardist of the English rock band Blur, and Jamie Hewlett, the British comic book designer creator of the English comic strip Tank Girl.

The story of Gorillaz began even before the current band was created. In 1998, when Albarn and Hewlett used the name Gorilla, they released the song “Ghost Train”. Two years later, the band released what was their first album Tomorrow comes Today, with great success in the United Kingdom. Probably, one of the best ways of promotion for this band was the curiosity of fans about what was behind the animated and virtual band. The albums this band has released at present are Gorillaz (2001), G-Sides (2002), Laika Come Home (2002) and Demon Days (2005).

Something really appealing is the story Albarn and Hewlett have established in relation to the animated characters and how the band was created. In fact, there are other characters that have been part of the band previously: Del, a blue phantom that participated in the "Rock the House" and "Clint Eastwood" music videos. Paula, 2D’s ex-girlfriend was guitarist of the band. Gorillaz is a great musical proposal; they combine music and animation to create a totally original concept. They have achieved a global success with their platinum sales in the United States.

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