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Evans Blue: Canadian New Band

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Evans Blue is a Canadian new rock band which was formed the past year, when the guys (who were playing in other groups) met each other after a local musician’s message board. The guys started to play rock together and they saw that it was good since the first practice. Evans Blue is formed by Matisyn who is the singer of the group, Vlad Tanaskovic and Parker Lauzon are the guitarists, Joe Pitter plays the bass guitar and finally the guy behind the drums is Darryl Brown.

The same message that meets these five guys also brought the interest of the producer Trevor Kustiak of The Pocket Studios headquartered in Toronto. He contacted the guys from Evans Blue and suddenly they were working together in March of the last year. Since their encounter they started to work in the debut of the group and finally on February 2006 the guys from Evans Blue launched their first record entitled “The Melody and the Energetic Nature of Volume”. The disc was released through the recording company Hollywood Records.

The main single of this record is named “Cold (But I’m Still Here)”. This song rapidly began to sound in the radio stations of Canada and the US. The album is very good and has been for three consecutives weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Heatseekers. The style of the music that the members of Evans Blue plays is considered as hard rock. The band is currently being supported on the Blue Sky Research Tour with Taproot.

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