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Deftones is a renowned United States alternative metal band from Sacramento, California. The Deftones are often considered disciples of Korn, but they have actually been around for a similar time. They were one of the first groups in alternating heavy riffs with screamed vocals, hushed singing, and ethereal music. A combination that became pretty popular afterwards.

Deftones is one of the most innovative rock bands that have arisen in the latest years, differentiating themselves from other bands of the turn-of-the-century Nu Metal genre. Their influence includes bands like Tool and KoRn, but Deftones always seem to be innovating, including new as well as traditionally revered rhythms like DC hardcore and dream pop into their southern California alternative metal music.

The band is currently composed of 5 members. Chino Moreno in the vocals and guitars, Stephen Carpenter also in the guitars, Abe Cunningham playing the drums, Chi Cheng the bass, and Frank Delgado, the turntablist, keyboardist, and sampler of the band.

Deftones formed in Sacramento, California when a group of high-school students, Stephen Carpenter, Abe Cunningham, and Chino Moreno started to jam together. Quickly, the band began making presentations locally, and had many bassists who came and went, until finally finding Chi Cheng and settling as a popular band.

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