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Death Cab for Cutie: Rock from Washington

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Death Cab for Cutie is an indie rock band from Bellingham, WA which was formed in 1997. The band was not always a band; at the beginning Ben Gibbard started a solo project when he released a cassette entitled “You Can Play These Songs with Chords”. The launch of this cassette was a success for Gibbard who immediately decided to expand his project and create his own rock band. In this way Death Cab for Cutie began. The group is formed by Ben Gibbard as vocalist, Christopher Walla the guitarist, Nicholas Harmer is the bassist and Nathan Good is the drummer.

The next year (1998) Death Cab released their first album together which is entitled “Something About Airplanes”. The disc was also a success and two years later the guys launched their second record named “We Have The Facts and We Are Voting Yes”. During the recording of this album Nathan left the band and Gibbard had to play the drums.

By 2001 Death Cab for Cutie releases their third record named “The Photo Album” which is a limited edition with 3 bonus tracks and in the 2002 “You Can Play These Songs with Chords (Reissue)”. During the 2003 a new member came to the band, Jason McGerr who played the drums for the launch of the next album “Transatlanticism” (2003). This became the top selling records of the company with more than 225,000 copies sold the first year. Some songs of this album were used as soundtracks of TV series like “The O.C.”, “Six Feet Under” and also for the movie “The Wedding Crashers”.

All these albums were recorded with the recording company Barsuk, but in the year 2004 Death Cab signed a new contract with Atlantic Records. With this company the group launched their seventh disc entitled “Plans” which received nomination for the Grammy Awards for the category “Best Alternative Album of 2005”.

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