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Conjunto Primavera: A Gold Band

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Conjunto Primavera is a norteño sextet that is made up by the bajosexto Manuel Rolando Pérez, the bassist Oscar Ochoa, the keyboardist and accordionist Félix Antonio Contreras, the singer Juan Antonio (Tony) Melendez, the drummer Adan Huerta and the saxophonist Juan Domínguez.  Particularly, Juan Domínguez was the one who started dreaming about forming a band like this.  The band was created at the beginning of spring in 1978 in Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico.  For around a decade, they were not well-known at all in spite of having released around 20 LPs when associated with  Joey label.

Thus, in 1981, they started their collective and professional career.  In this project, songs like “Sufro por Ti”, “Borracho Y Loco”, “No Supo Comprenderme” and “Amor Fingido” were included.  Due to the high-quality that has always characterized them, they got to be in great demand not only by the public, but also by the businessmen.

According to some critics, this band is considered as a complete phenomenon since they have broken records in regards to public’s attendance, popularity and sold discs.  This group is especially singular since Conjunto Primavera goes beyond regular Mexican music but never forgets the norteño essence.  It is very usual for them to include a broad diversity of musical genres ranging from boleros and modern ballads to cumbia norteña and typical popular Mexican songs (rancheras).

Among their most successful albums, their fans remember the one called “Necesito Decirte”, with which they sold over a million copies and received a RIAA Platinum and Gold certificate; “Morir de Amor” with more than 500,000 sold copies and a RIAA Gold certificate, “Ansia de Amar” with another RIAA Gold certificate and “Perdoname mi Amor”, which allowed them to get their RIAA Gold Certificate.  Now, you may have a clever idea of the reason why Conjunto Primavera is considered to be one of the most famed norteño and Mexican bands in Mexico.

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