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Blue October: Inspired in Great Bands

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Blue October is a rock group from Houston, Texas. It was formed in the late 90’s by the leader Justin Furstenfeld. In its songs the band talks about modern and problematic themes such as: suicide, drugs, depression, forgiveness, cathartic transcendence, love and others. They have five albums (three of them were made with the recording company Universal Records). The members of Blue October are: Justin Furstenfeld who is the vocalist and also plays the guitar, CB Hudson in vocals and guitars, Ryan Delahoussaye who plays the violin, mandolin, piano and also sings, Matt Noveskey in the bass and vocals and finally Jeremy Furstenfeld in the drums and vocals (brother of Justin).

As you can see all the integrants of Blue October sing. The first album that the group launched was named “The Answers” (in 1998). In the year 2000, they signed with Universal Records. Three years later signed with Brando Records and launched “History for Sale” which has the song “Calling You” soundtrack of the movie American Wedding. After the release of this new album, the company Universal offered the guys from Blue October re-sign contract.

Blue October launched another disc named “Foiled” which has been one of the best albums of the group. The members of Blue October say that they have been inspired by many other bands such as Pink Floyd, Flaming Lips, U2, and Coldplay. However, the style of the band is much more hardcore than any other style.

The discography of the group consists of 5 albums which are: The Answers, Consent to Treatment, History for Sale, Argue with a Tree (double live CD’s), and Foiled which was released this year.

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