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Greg Brown: Born in a Family of Musicians

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Greg Brown is an American folk music singer. He was born in a family composed by musicians. His mother played the electric guitar; his father was a Holy Roller in the Hacklebarney in the section of Iowa and his grandfather played the banjo. He was always exposed to the gospel music. The first professional singing act of Greg was when he was 18 years old and he participated in a New York City running hootenannies (it means several folk singers singing together) in the known Gerdes Folk City.

When Greg was 19 he decided to move to Los Angeles CA and then to Las Vegas, NV where he worked as ghostwriter for the singer Buck Ram (the founder of the band “The Platters”). After that he was playing with a band for some years but one day he decided to quit the group and go back to Iowa where he started to write songs and played in several coffeehouses and clubs of the Midwestern.

The songs of Greg are widely recognized in the musical ambit and some of his songs have been performed by other singers like Carlos Santana, Shawn Colvin, Michael Johnson, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Willie Nelson. Since the moment when Greg started his musical career, he has released more than a dozen of albums which are still heard around the world.

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