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Joh Fahey: Passionate and, in Fact, a Legend!

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John Fahey was born February 28, 1939 in Takoma Park, Maryland. With an eclectic sense for music, he made his dreams come through by performing as an acoustic guitar soloist; being influenced by several genres: Brazilian, Indian, classical music, blues and folk, he contributed to revive the sounds of blues.

Fahey graduated from American University; he got a degree in philosophy and religion. Later on, he moved to California and attended University of California and UCLA and joined the master’s program in folklore. Most of his releases took place while he was still a student. Into his discography, you can find almost forty albums, a great production during all those years.

Fahey usually experimented with electronic sounds and traditional roots music. John Fahey passed away in February 2001, at Salem Hospital; in 2006 several artists released a tribute album for John Fahey, to declare his status of “giant of 20th Century American Music”. The album’s name is “I Am the Resurrection” and it exposes the best of his professional career and it’s a stimulus for new generations to share Fahey’s passion for blues.

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