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R. Carlos Nakai a Master of the Native American Flute

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R. Carlos Nakai, an American musician of Navajo and Ute tradition, was born in 1946 in Arizona. Even though he was concerned in the customs of his people from his early childhood, his musical lessons began with the classical melody and trumpet at Northern Arizona University. He became fascinated in the Native American flute throughout the end of the sixties at the same time as doing investigations on Native American songs. By the begining of the seventies, he trained to perform the Native American flute. He produced his first record of flute melodies named “Changes”, on the Canyon Records brand in 1983. Carlos has now produced an amount of 33 records as a solo singer or in partnership with other artists.

R. Carlos Nakai’s melody is based on the customs of Native American civilizations and is prejudiced by his settings in the Southwestern United States. Carlos labors to discover new methods to perform the cedar flute. Even though he honors the customs from the Native American flute performing comes, he likes better to look forward sooner than to show the cedar flute as a museum element rapt in its artistic past. His flute projects feature synthesizer and Cycles for flute. Cycles was custom-built for a multi-media occasion at the Heard Museum of Native American Art in Arizona.

R. Carlos Nakai has recapitulated his experience and knowledge in a book named “The Art of the Native American Flute”. As well as recommendation for flute performers, the book features information about how flutes are made, the history of the flute, and some records of Nakai’s melody. 

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