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The Troggs: Troglodytes still Exist!

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The Troggs is one of the most famous rock bands in the 1960’s.  The name of this English band comes from the world troglodyte, which means “cave dweller.”   In general, The Troggs were from a town named Andover, which is located in the southern part of England.  This band was made up of four members: Reg Presley (born Reginald Maurice Ball), who was in charge of the vocals; Chris Britton, who played the guitar; Pete Staples (Pete Lawrence Staples), who played the bass guitar and Ronnie Bond (Ronald James Bullis), who was in charge of the drums.  This last member died in 1992.

In 1966, The Troggs started working with The Kinks’ same manager.  Thus, they recorded under Page One Records, property of Larry Page.  At this stage, their most successful hit was called “Wild Thing.”  This single got to the first position in the United Stated in that same year.  It is believed that due to their great fusion of enticing lyrics and heavy guitar, it is that they could become such an important garage rock standard.  Among other of their hits, “I Can’t Control Myself”, “Night of the Long Grass”, “With a Girl like You” and “Anyway That You Want Me” are outstanding.

There is no doubt about the fact that The Troggs constitute one of the leading bands during the 60’s since it offered a sound in which the bases of punk rock and garage rock lie in.  In fact, Wet Wet Wet, the Scottish band, covered their worldwide known hit “Love Is all Around” in 1994.  Incredibly, The Troggs are still alive and still perform in concerts, so if you feel you are not able to enjoy 60’s’ alive music anymore, you are on the very wrong track since The Troggs is a band that always remain!

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