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Bitny Fox

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Britny Fox is an American hair band formed in 1985. The founder of the band, “Dizzy” Dean Davidson got in touch with Cinderella’s guitarist Michael Kelly Smith, who soon defected from his former band and joined Dean. With ex-Cinderella Tony “Stix” Destra (drummer) and Billy Childs (bassist) joining the ranks, the band was completed. The band was then named after one of Dean’s Welsh ancestors and with several songs written by Dean they hit the road. The band migrated from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, California attempting to break into the 1980s Sunset Strip hair metal scene. After recording their demo, In America, Britny Fox started to get noticed and, with some help from the band Cinderella, they got a contract with Columbia Records.

In 1987 Britny Fox suffered a terrible loss, Tony Destra was killed in a car accident after a show, and Johnny Dee was chosen as the band’s next drummer. In 1988 the band released their self-titled debut album Britny Fox. The record was one of the most successful premieres of that season and was able to win the Metal Edge Magazine's 1988 Reader's Choice Award for Best New Band. Their album was near platinum, selling about one million copies; its lead single “Long Way to Love” made heavy rotation on MTV. The band also toured extensively, giving more than 130 shows. In 1989 the band released their second record titled Boys In Heat. The band tried to explore on other topics but keeping the same style in sound and music. The album, produced by Neil Kernon, did not receive as good response as its predecessor.

With the album failing to attract new fans and with half as many sales as their debut album, Dean left Britny Fox to form another band (Blackeyed Susan). After a tough selection the band finally selected Tommy Paris as their new singer. In 1991 Britny Fox released Bite Down Hard featuring Ozzy’s Zakk Wylde and Poison’s Rikki Rockett as guest musicians. Albums sales were still declining which lead to the band braking up.

In mid 2000, Britny Fox reunited and toured some east coast clubs. They recorded those shows and in 2001 they released Long Way To Live, a live album. After releasing their live album, Britny Fox’s members started writing new material. In 2003 Britny Fox released their latest album, Springhead Motorshark, under the label Spitfire Records.

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