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Sammy Davis, Jr: What You Do Not Know About His Life

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One of the most acclaimed and versatile entertainers is Sammy Davis, Jr, who is well-skilled in singing, dancing, acting, and playing instruments such as vibraphone, drums, and trumpet.

Since he was a child, he learned how to dance from his father, who was a dancer, and his uncle Will Mastin. The three of them became the Will Mastin Trio, which was included in Davis’ billing. In spite of his father and Martin’s efforts to keep him away from racism and hate, he woke up to a reality totally ignored by him. He soon learned that there are good and bad people, who sometimes only want to hurt others by saying discriminatory, nasty and even offensive comments. After suffering a terrible car accident and reading a history of the Jews in the hospital, he converted to Judaism. Once he released his second album, he appeared in the Broadway show Mr. Wonderful in 1956. He then became a charter member of the Rat Pack that was conducted by his old friend, Frank Sinatra. Because of his lots of demands, he would integrate to Las Vegas, Nevada casinos and Miami Beach nightclubs.

In regards to his personal life, he got married to a white Swedish-born actress May Britt, which was the main cause of controversy and social impact among many people around the world. As a consequence, interracial marriages were forbidden by law in several states of the United States. After his divorce, he dated and married Altovise Gore, who was a dancer. Indeed, they stayed together until Sammy Davis, Jr’s death in 1990. Some of  his most outstanding achievements include an award for giving a balanced approach to Satanism in the movie Poor Devil, television commercials for coffee in Japan, a Daytime Emmy nomination in 1980 for playing the recurring character Chip Warren on One Life to Live. As weaknesses, he pointed out in his autobiography that alcohol, cocaine, women, and financial difficulties had been part of his lifestyle.

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