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Ravel and His Sophisticated Production

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Maurice Ravel was born in Cibourne in the year 1875. He was a French pianist and composer; he is very well known for his orchestral piece Bolero.

His years as a student he spent at the Conservatoire under Gabriel Fauré for fourteen years. During this long time at the conservatory, Ravel tried frequently to win the prominent Prix de Rome, but he never won and Ravel left the conservatory.

Ravel is considered as a classicist; he applied original accords and melodies to his musical compositions. His inspirations came from classic valses form Schubert. On the other hand, his piano concertos mirror Gershwin techniques and style. Some of his most prominent compositions are Jeux d'eau for piano in the year 1901; Histoires naturelles which from a song cycle in 1906; Rapsodie espagnole ('Spanish Rhapsody') for orchestra, 1907, Boléro a ballet from 1928.

He never got married, but indeed got involved in several long term relationships. In the year 1932, Maurice Ravel had a car accident that weakened his health. Several years later, he got an operation that was supposed to bring him back to his normal life, but instead, he died because the operation failed.


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