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The Prodigious Voice and Career of Andrea Bocelli

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Outstanding and unique; those are just two adjectives that help describe the magnificent talent of Andrea Bocelli. His voice has captivated the hearts of millions of people around the world; his many-sided career explains why he is considered one of the best contemporary singers, music producers and writers.

Andrea was born on September 22, 1958, in the beautiful region of Lajatico, in Tuscany, Italy. When he was a child, he usually played the church organ, and by his 12th birthday he won his first prize called the Margherita d’Oro, due to his interpretation of the song O sole mio. He graduated as a Doctor of Law at the University of Pisa. After working as a lawyer for one year, he continued his musical and vocal training, with the Maestro Luciano Bettarini; these lessons took much of his time.

Regarding his visual impairment, Andrea was born with glaucoma, and at age 12, while he was pleasantly playing soccer, he was hit on the head and suffered from a brain hemorrhage, which produced total blindness to him. But this situation did stop him from becoming one of the most successful contemporary tenors of the world.

He is internationally recognized for his interpretations of classical and opera songs; his duet with soprano Sarah Brightman, Con Te Partiro, which was a tremendous sensation, sold thousands of copies and opened the doors for his further presentations and fame. Actually, one of his latest performances was at the closing ceremony of the winter Olympic Games in Turin, 2006.

He has a broad discography; in only ten years, his production has gone in different directions, but all of them demonstrate the superiority of his voice and the friendship which characterizes him. Just to mention a few albums from his better known production we can find: Romanza, from 1996; Sogno from 1999 and which broke sales records and reached #4 in the US music charts; for 2001, he released his wisely called Cieli di Toscana, which was #11 in the United States, #3 in the United Kingdom and Italy.

Not only because of his voice, but also because of his charisma and sense of humanity, Andrea Bocelli is considered one of the best contemporary vocalists and an example of good disposition and hard work.

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