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Kirk Franklin: His Clever Fusion Project

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Forth Worth, Texas was the birth place of Kirk Franklin; January 26, 1970 is the date when this African American musician came to this world to bring about all of his talent and a good message, bringing together the best sounds of R&B, soul, gospel, and hip-hop. In 1993, he released his first album, under the name of Kirk Franklin & Family. This album is completely focused in gospel, and he is also the leader of three existing, very popular gospel choirs: Kirk Franklin & the Family, Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation, and God's Property.

From releases as a gospel singer, Franklin was nominated for his performance with the song Lean on Me, which was considered as the song of the year on the 1998 Grammy Awards. This was one of the tracks from his album The NU Nation Project; for this album, Franklin looked for the participation of several musicians, such as R. Kelly, U2’s Bono and others.

As he describes his production, it is important to mention that the originality of the sounds, mixed together with a singular technique to include different musical influences is what marks the direction toward which music is conducting people’s feelings; by surpassing the obstacles that society imposes, music shows that those sound combinations (jazz, rock, hip-hop, R&B) are, literally, the best way to bring people together.

Hoping you love variety and fine R&B production, this, I’m sure, is a good option to listen to freshness and highly qualified music.

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