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Jamie Foxx: A Brilliant Career

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Born in Terrell, Texas, Jamie Foxx has achieved fame in a variety of spheres; not only acting, but also as an R&B singer and as a comedian. This versatile Hollywood star combines his talents with his varied career. He was born December 13th, 1967.

Last year, he was awarded by the American Academy Award as the Best Actor for his participation in Ray and musically speaking, he was Grammy Award nominated for the multi-platinum selling R&B singer. He actually is the first personality who has been voted for three acting awards in the same year at the Golden Globes.

His work as a comedian has been shared with other great artists, such as Jim Carrey, Robin William and the Wayans brothers.

His musical progress has been bright and full of experiences; his first album, Peep This (1994) had a medium size success. Later on, he will enroll completely and in 2004 Unpredictable has sold over 598,000 copies, taking into account only the very first week when it was released. Some of his hottest singles include: “Slow Jamz,” “Gold Digger” and “Extravaganza”.

Undoubtedly, this vast career has brought lots of joys to Jamie Foxx, and his work is a good example of attitude and energy.


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