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Ashanti: Youth, Talent and Beauty

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Ashanti’s career began early in her childhood. She first got into dancing schools and got the opportunity to appear in the program Disney’s Polly; after that, triumph came to her rapidly complemented by admired rappers: Ja Rule, Notorious B.I.G. and Fat Joe.

She is really admired, not only because of her beauty, but also because of her talent, her voice, dancing, and acting. Her debut was a complete success. Her career as an actress has been bright, playing important roles in Spike Lee's Malcolm X and Who's da Man before that.

21-years-old Ashanti Douglas and native of Rhode Island is nowadays at the top of her career; the hit Foolish arises on people the feeling of being exactly in that situation, exactly as other songs sang by Ashanti. They really touch people’s feelings.

It is like if the album itself talked for you; you can say “I’ve been exactly in this situation before” or “I feel this way right now”. That is what R&B is all about; the deepest expression of people’s feelings, mixed with brand-new sounds, energy and positivism.

Among her musical production, it is worth to mention that it is broad, diverse and gleaming; some of her albums are named here and are well positioned because of the number of copies sold: Sanctuary, Can’t stop, Collectables by Ashanti, etc. to see more information about her and her successful calling, check on the official web sites related to her.

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