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The Black Eyed Peas Set in the Eyes of Millions

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Hip hop culture has expanded as fast as good news do; actually this new musical movement has gone beyond the frontiers and nowadays is one of the most popular rhythms from the last decades.

If we want to talk about hip hop and R&B it is worth mentioning the extravagant and original band The Black Eyed Peas; this quartet has exceeded the records for selling thousands of copies of their albums all around the world.

Their first task, as a band, as they mentioned once, is to amuse people through breakdance and give them enough space to express by means of music and dancing. After all, they are pure energy and they transmit that energy through their lyrics, where they talk about fun, and real life experiences.

Among their early productions, it is significant to mention their first album Behind the Front which was released in 1998; but the leap to their sensation was in 2003 with Elephunk and their last hit "Monkey Business", which has earned several Chart Positions including: #2 (U.S.); #4 (U.K.); #1(3) (AU); #1 (CAN).

As projects to near future, they will compose the FIFA World Cup 2006 song, together with the British musician Brian Eno.

Following the example of many music stars, The Black Eyed Peas founded the Pea Pod Foundation to help distressed children from countries of the entire world.

With suggestive lyrics and passionate attitude towards life and music, The Black Eyed Peas are a great example of the charisma and the energy of young people and what is best, they transmit it to every person who listens to their hits on the radio.

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