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Aaliyah: A Talented Young Woman and her Legacy

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Her talent has gone beyond the difficulties and predicaments of life. Aaliyah Dana Haught is the birth name for Aaliyah, the great R&B singer and later actress. She has become a genuine icon of this genre and her songs, voice and legacy still survive her.

She earned a representative place as one of the youngest, most promising R&B stars. She was born in Brooklyn, NY, on January 16th, 1979. From her early childhood, Aaliyah showed a huge interest in arts, music, and awed her audiences with her charming, harmonious voice. Her brilliant debut as an artist started when she was only a teenager; she had the chance to meet R. Kelly, to whom she got married but the nuptials had to be dissolved because of her condition of minor.

The name of her first album "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number" achieved a vast success, and she scored several number hits, including the most recognized "Back and Forth" in 1994. At age 17, she released her second production "One in a Million", produced by Missy Elliot and Jermaine Dupri; this took place in August 1996.

She also performed several singles, many of them for movies, for example, the song “Are you that somebody?” from the Doctor Dolittle soundtrack, in 1998. Her third album was released at the very top of her career not only as a singer but also as an actress in 2001; the self-titled "Aaliyah" proved itself worthy and there came many offers to participate in films such as Romeo Must Die, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

During her complete career, she was broadly nominated; in 2001, she was awarded as 'Best female video' and 'Best Video in a film' with MTV for the single “Try Again”. After that, she won 2 awards for MTV, as the 'Breakthrough female' and the 'best performing female'.
Sadly her voice was heard no more on the 25th of August 2001 when she and eight people who belonged to her team were filming the video for the single 'More Than a Woman', in the Bahamas. All of them boarded an aircraft and abruptly once the plane lifted, it crashed and blasted: Aaliyah and all of her companions died.

Certainly, her voice and her charisma are still two vivid motivations for those who love R&B and whose inspiration comes from this genre.

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