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Erik Satie

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Eric Alfred Leslie Satie (Honfleur, May 17, 1966 – Paris, July 1, 1925) was a French composer and pianist. He introduced himself as a “gymnopedist” in 1887, soon before writing his most famous composition, the “Gymnopédies”.  He is best known as Erik Satie (he changed his name after his first composition in 1884, switching the final “c” of his name for a “k”). Although in his later years he was proud of always publishing his work using his proper name, it seems that was a short period in the late 1880s when he published works under the pseudonym “Virgine Lebeau”.

Erik Satie also worked writing articles for several newspapers. He called himself a “phonometrograph" (a person who measures and writes sounds), preferring to define himself like that than a musician. Erik Satie was one of the first people to in appear in a film, in 1924, in a move by René Clair.

Until the year of his death in 1925, absolutely no one, except Erik Satie himself, entered his room in Arcueil since he moved there. What his friends found there, after his burial in the Arcueil Cemetery, was very interesting. Besides dust and cobwebs (which indicated Satie never composed using his piano), they discovered several objects such as a great quantity of umbrellas, love letters, drawings, and fine clothing. However, the most valuable things were new compositions which no one had ever heard before or that were thought lost. These included Geneviève de Brabant and Vexations, among others.

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