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Georges Bizet: an Amazing French Pianist and Compositor

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Georges Bizet was a French pianist and musician of the romantic era. He is best known for his opera Carmen. He was born as Alexandre César Léopold in Paris, but named Georges, Bizet, a kid genius with nine years old entered the important Paris Conservatory of Music. In 1857, he shared a reward provided by Jacques Offenbach for a creation of the one-act opera “Le docteur Miracle” and acquired the Prix de Rome. As for each, the conditions of the study, he learned in Rome for 3 years. In attendance, his aptitude began to grow-up with such projects as the opus “Don Procopio”. In addition this live in Rome, Bizet stayed in the Paris region for his complete life.

Subsequent to his time in Rome, he came back to Paris where he committed himself to write. Early into his arrival to Paris, Georges's mother departed this life. In 1863 he wrote the opus The Pearl Fishers or Les pêcheurs de perles for the Theatre-Lyrique. Throughout this period Georges also composed the opus “La jolie fille de Perth”, his renowned L'arlésienne, and the piano song “Jeux d'enfants”. He also composed the romantic opus Djamileh that is frequently named as a predecessor to Carmen. His first sonata, the Symphony in C Major, was composed at the Paris Conservatory when he was merely 17 years old, obviously as a student task. It appears that Georges totally forgot regarding it himself, and it was not exposed yet again until 1935, in the dusty records of the Conservatory documentation. Upon its first presentation, it was instantaneously named as a masterwork kid and a welcome totaling to the early Romantic era repertoire. A pleasant labor, the masterpiece is remarkable for manner and astonishing stylistic similarity to the melodies of Franz Schubert, whose music was almost unidentified in Paris at that occasion. A second masterpiece, "Roma" was not finished. 

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