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Apple Records: the Recording Brand of the Beatles

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Apple Records is a record brand, established in 1968 by The Beatles as a section of Apple Corps Ltd. Previous Beatles records had been distributed on United Artists Records or Capitol Records in the United States, and Parlophone in the United Kingdom. In a new record business, Capitol and EMI decided to launch Apple Records 1975; Apple was the administrator of the ownership to work with the artists they signed, at the same time as EMI maintained rights of the Beatles' songs, although subjected them under the Apple brand. The brand survived the disintegration of the Beatles in 1970, and was re-built in the late eighties, for employ on all Beatles records. Apple Records has the ownership to all of the Beatle movie and videos clips.


The first band to have a record project on the brand, a 45rpm solo called "Dear Delilah" of Grapefruit. The recording meetings were in London in 1967, and the creator was the American Terry Melcher of Byrd’s recognition. Terry Doran, the manager of Apple Publishing, supported to put the band as one and his subordinate Derek Lepper became the band's road supervisor. All through 1974, events disbanding the Beatles as a unit, a court decision ordered that 80% of all income from Beatles records (as a band) would accumulate to Apple Records, and 5% would go to every one of the band’s members. The brand constantly made earnings all the way through 1984, generally through continuous issues of old Beatles songs, then lost profits for some years.

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