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Warner Brothers Records

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Warner Brothers Records is a record brand which was established by Warner Bros on March 19, 1958. The brand is now a division of Warner Music Corporation. Its sub-brands are Nonesuch Records, Maverick Records, Heiress Records, Word Records, WBR Nashville, WB Jazz, Sire Records and Reprise Records. The record corporation was created because deal actor Tab Hunter had a number one hit in 1957 with "Young Love" and to Warner’s disappointment, journalists only required to ask in relation to the Top track as an alternative of Hunter's most recent Warner motion picture.

In 1960, they worked with the Everly Brothers, who were in the past on Cadence Records, with the earliest million dollar business in history. That too was the year that they produced and distributed two records by Bob Newhart which mutually won Album of the Year, featuring the Grammy Awards. In 1963 they bought Frank Sinatra's brand, Reprise Records. In 1967, Warner Bros. Corporation was sold for $85 million to Seven Arts Corporations and re-baptized Warner Bros.-Seven Arts. Two years after, the brand was purchased by Kinney National Corporation and re-named to the Warner Bros. surname. In 1990, Warner Communications that formed out of Kinney National combined with Time Inc. to create Time Warner.

A corporation with a first-rate category that rests on its artist-sociable procedures, extended-range job growth and creative advance to notice and develop musical skill, Warner Bros. Records has, in the 39 years since its establishment, become the mainly flourishing record brand in history.

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