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GOOD Music an R&B and Hip Hop Record Brand

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GOOD Music is an R&B and Hip Hop record brand established by music rapper and producer Kanye West. "GOOD" is a short form for "Getting Out Our Dreams." It is released all the way through Sony Urban Music. Common and John Legend were the first to work for Kanye West's "GOOD Music" brand. Their records, "Be" and "Get Lifted” in that order, were both seriously highly praised and jointly gained twelve Grammy Award selections. Both records were executively edited and greatly subjective by West's musical creation.

West presented to work permanent rapper and friend Rhymefest to the brand, but Fest in its place resolute to work for Allido Records, began by British DJ and producer Mark Ronson. Rhymefest credits this to appreciating the manner which Ronson is talented to interconnect diverse genres of music in the records he makes, and as well not wanting difficulty with production to distress his musical association or even companionship with West.

The subsequent artists to arrive with records for GOOD Music are GLC and Consequence, both long-time and protegés friends of West who labored with him on "Late Registration" in addition to "The College Dropout"". West is also supposed to be making songs for Jay-Z, and might be producing with an as yet unidentified musician from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Some of the artists that singed with GOOD Music are: Keyshia Cole, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Consequence, Farnsworth Bentley, Common, Really Doe, John Legend and GLC.

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