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Pimp Succumbs to Edworthy Temptation

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MTV Programme 'Pimp My Ride' Turns to Car Accessory Website for it's Bling.

London, ENGLAND (PRWEB) April 6, 2006 -- The offer was simply too good to resist and when the telephone rang in Tim Loveday’s office he was quite casual about the nature of the call. “Some people might get the wrong idea,” the Edworthy Sales Director said, “when they learn that I have been contacted by a Pimp.” However, the call wasn’t from an unscrupulous heavy who makes his living from exploiting ladies of the night but from someone who needed assistance for the production of a popular television show.

Pimp My Ride UK is the British version of a hugely popular American television programme screened on MTV. The programme theme surrounds taking a battered car and transforming it into an amazing bling bling car after it is re-sprayed and has been fitted with new wheels, upgraded interior, state-of-the-art entertainment system and other accessories.

The makers of the show were keen to link up with a reliable supplier willing to support the show by providing exactly the right products that the producers were looking. Edworthys.co.uk (http://www.edworthys.co.uk) is already established as the leading internet supplier of car parts and accessories, and with a range of more than 18,000 items in stock, Pimp My Ride had plenty of items to chose from and Edworthys next day delivery policy ideally fits the time sensitive demands of the programme’s production team. Edworthys is constantly improving and adding to their extensive product range and by maintaining an exacting level of customer satisfaction much of their success is owed to personal referral. The opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions as well as parts for the show has established an excellent working relationship with the programme makers.

Pimp My Ride is very different from the mainstream motoring programme. Instead of test driving and reviewing gleaming new cars, the emphasis is on how car enthusiasts can personalise affordable older cars that initially may have been destined for the scrap heap, into something very special. All it takes is enthusiasm, imagination and a limited amount of money.

As Tim Loveday explains, “Often it is quite unnecessary to reject a car or van of some years in favour of a new model. The programme shows what can be achieved, often with little monetary outlay, to improve an ageing model. With the style and quality of car accessories available today it is quite amazing what an enthusiast can achieve.”

If you are thinking of pimping your car, then there’s no better place to begin than on the comprehensive web site at http://www.Edworthys.co.uk

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