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First Music CD Debuts in Popular Wine Lovers' Catalog

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First Music CD Debuts in Popular Wine Lovers' Catalog

Neon Egypt’s cross-cultural CD ‘Tales Of Kings’ becomes the first music product for the popular International Wine Accessories (IWA) catalog.

San Francisco, CA PRWEB) April 6, 2006 -- The CD Tales Of Kings from the cross-cultural jazz and world fusion group Neon Egypt is the first music product to be showcased in the popular International Wine Accessories, Inc. catalog. In a new direction for the Dallas, Texas based company, IWA’s spring catalog of upscale accessories for wine enthusiasts includes the music CD and a brief description of the artists. The glossy magazine-style print catalog is well known among wine aficionados for its world-class selection of premium wine accessories spanning a wide range of products.

“We’re very pleased to partner with such a fine firm in this auspicious way,” said Neon Egypt co-founder and percussionist Steven Miller. “Our music is an especially good fit with IWA’s international focus, and its presence in their catalog serves the natural affinity between wine, jazz and the arts.”

Neon Egypt saxophonist and co-founder Harrison Goldberg is a sponsor of various cross-cultural music programs, and an award winning visual artist. Several of his wine-related art prints accompany the new CD in IWA’s catalog. International Wine Accessories heartily endorses Neon Egypt’s theme of world cultural integration through the arts.

“Neon Egypt’s music mirrors IWA’s commitment to bridging international and cultural boundaries”, said Goldberg. “Its unusual character and wide appeal with jazz lovers make it an ideal addition to their catalog.”

The innovative northern California musical group is known for its signature melodic drumming and jazzy saxophone melodies, melding the sounds and sensibilities of diverse cultures. Their unusual “intuitive” music, featuring Miller’s unique Shendai Ceremonial Drums in counterpoint with Goldberg’s saxophones, is completely improvised, conveying a sense of inspiration and immediacy. ‘Tales Of Kings’ has performed strongly on the web and radio, topping Internet jazz and world fusion charts in the United States, Europe, and Australia.

The International Wine Accessories catalog mails over 4 million copies annually, and is also offered online.

More information about Neon Egypt can be found on the group’s web site, http://www.neonegypt.com. To view or obtain a copy of the International Wine Accessories catalog, visit them online at http://www.iwawine.com.

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