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Share Results Welcomes RealNetworks to its Affiliate Network

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Share Results, a pay-for-performance affiliate network, welcomes the RealNetworks affiliate program this April. Now affiliates in Share Results can promote Real’s Rhapsody and SuperPass digital entertainment services and earn a commission on every free trial registration.

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB) April 6, 2005 -- Share Results, a pay-for-performance affiliate network, is pleased to welcome the RealNetworks® affiliate program this April. By joining Share Results, RealNetworks leverages the company’s network of motivated affiliate marketers to help introduce its Rhapsody® and SuperPass® digital entertainment services to more consumers.

Share Results affiliates introducing consumers to RealNetworks’ products and services earn a commission on every 14-day free trial registration for its Rhapsody and SuperPass services.

Rhapsody is the industry-leading digital music service that gives consumers unlimited access to well over 1.5 million songs, access to hundreds of high-quality Internet radio stations, thoughtful editorial recommendations, plus CD burning, playlist sharing, and complete music jukebox software – all within a single, easy-to-use interface.

SuperPass allows subscribers to catch the latest news, sports, music and entertainment daily on premium RealPlayer technology, accessing over 3,200 radio stations worldwide and over 90 ad-free music stations, exclusive video content, free music downloads, and the power to organize and share photos and videos.

Affiliates promoting Rhapsody and Super Pass through Share Results benefit from comprehensive data feeds, allowing deep linking to songs and albums within Rhapsody; a wide variety of creative materials, including banners and customizable landing pages; and up-to-date promotional materials, such as auto-refreshed banners highlighting best-selling songs and artists.

“RealNetworks is a pioneer in the get it ‘to go’ entertainment trend, offering consumers an easy way to keep up with the latest music, news and sports,” says Nicky Senyard, CEO of Share Results. “We’re thrilled to be welcoming Real to Share Results, and hope our affiliates will deliver strong results for Rhapsody and SuperPass.”

The RealNetworks affiliate program is currently welcoming new affiliates through the Share Results affiliate network: http://www.shareresults.com/local_affiliate_desc.php?mid=2083

About Share Results
Share Results prides itself on its boutique service approach to affiliate marketing, building personalized, mutually-rewarding partnerships with select online merchants and quality affiliates.
Merchants and affiliates within Share Results benefit from:
*Complete affiliate marketing services, uniquely tailored to partner business models;
*Dedicated senior level expertise paired with an experienced marketing team;
*Proprietary and proven affiliate platform software; and
*Shared performance, with our success directly based on the success of our network.
Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada since 2002.

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