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Elvis Presley's Girlfriend Linda Thompson Joins John Krondes and "Hit Making Team" VIPs On KDSK.com Friday

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As The Dream Comes Alive For Music Fans, John Krondes and The Elvis "Hit Making Team" Near Completion Of The Elvis Circle In Historical Recording Project

Los Angeles/New York (PRWEB) April 6, 2006 -- To all Worldwide "Hit Making Team" Fans: Tune in this Friday April 7, 2006 to Donn Webb's "Cruisin' 66" Radio Show on KDSK.com for yet another Super-Cool live interview with singer John Krondes and Elvis Girlfriend Linda Thompson. Donn Webb's Worldwide Broadcast will also be joined by Sid Shaw, President of Elvisly Yours Fan Club in England. For that Rock 'n Roll Touch, the Uptown Horns Saxophonist Cripin Cioe who played the amazing solo on the new release "Baby I Love You" will join the group as well Friday.

USA Radio DJ Donn Webb has been peaking the interest of International Music Fans with the recent "Hit Making Team" radio shows featuring the new music by John Krondes and the Elvis "Hit Team". We would like to thank all the fans from around the world that have been tuning in and showing their support of the "Hit Making Team" project. KDSK is receiving mounting communications from music fans in every corner of the Earth. The "Hit Making Team" has been rounding up the backing of Elvis leaders from European Countries such as Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Scottland, Norway, England and Ireland, with as far reaching nations as Australia and Israel. The music plays again and The Dream comes to life after 29 years of silence in the stunning new "Hit Making Team" music recording operation. Many prayers have been answered; this awesome New Day begins with familiar sounding song and a new life for Elvis.

Remarkably, over the last two years, pretty much all Elvis Presley's "Original" Hit Team have come back together in the recording studio to make new recordings with John Krondes and The Jordanaires. It is certainly a milestone moment, as these are the very first recordings by Elvis Presley's music making team since his death in 1977. Ray Bardani who re-mixed Presley's songs for the "30 #1 Hits" and "2nd To None" compilations is currently mixing songs for the upcoming album at Electric Lady Recording Studio in New York. The album release is expected sometime in the next 6 Months.

The Spirit is flying high on this week's show as Elvis Presley's girlfriend Linda Thompson opens the lines to Rock 'n Roll Heaven and Joins the "Hit Making Team" mission of "Keeping The Music Alive". The Supernatural powers at be have brought Elvis back to the center stage as Singer John Krondes and The Jordanaires have fatefully drummed up the "Original" Presley music making unit. Linda Thompson became Elvis Presley's long term girlfriend after his separation from Priscilla in 1972. The twenty-one year old beauty queen Thompson lived with Elvis at Graceland for four and a half years through 1976.

KDSK DJ Donn Webb will be playing for our worldwide fans "The End" and "Vegas In The Morning" by John Krondes and the Jordanaires with the Elvis "Hit Making Team". Paul Evans co-wrote Vegas with John Krondes whereas "The End" was written by John's late Dad Jimmy Krondes and Sid Jacobson. "The End" originally recorded by Earl Grant in 1958 is the song that Elvis chose along with "Are You Lonesome Tonight" to seranade Priscilla Beaulieu with on the Piano in Germany on the night they met.

BREAKING NEWS: Worldwide Exclusive - On Friday's show, KDSK's Donn Webb will be previewing and playing for our worldwide audience another one of Ray Bardani's new mixes of songs by John Krondes and The Jordanaires with the Elvis "Hit Making Team". Our global audience of "Hit Making Team" fans tuning in will get to be the first to hear some of the new tracks from the upcoming historical CD before any other fans in the world. Miraculously, these new recordings are the only songs ever made by the Presley "Hit Team" together since the death of Elvis. Ray's new mixes include with John Krondes musicians from the TCB Band, Elvis' Memphis Studio Band "The Memphis Boys", DJ Fontana, Jordanaires, Sweet Inspirations, Millie Kirkham and Elvis' "Original" Horn Section.

Donn Webb will play on this week's show for the first time on International Radio the new recording "Baby I Love You" by John Krondes and The Jordanaires, with the Sweet Inspirations. This 1960's Rock Classic was originally recorded by the Ronnettes in 1963.

Click your Mouse (Not The Pet) Friday to KDSK.com to listen in to the "Hit Making Team" interview with John Krondes, Linda Thompson, Sid Shaw and Crispin Cioe. Donn Webb will be awarding listeners copies of "The End" and "Baby I Love You" on the show during the interview. The first 10 International fans that Email Donn on the show and ask for the CD will win an autographed copy of "The End" by John Krondes and The Jordanaires.

After 29 Years, The Dream Comes Alive For Music Fans!

WHAT: Live global radio interview with HMT singer John Krondes and Elvis "Hit Making Team" VIPs Linda Thompson, with England Elvis Fan Club President Sid Shaw and Sax player Crispin Cioe of the "Uptown Horns". Listeners will have a chance to call in or EMail KDSK Radio to win CDs.

Worldwide Exclusive: The first time in 29 years to hear new songs by Elvis Presley's "Original" music making unit with John Krondes. KDSK is the only radio station in the world authorized to spotlight the new mixes from the upcoming album for fans.

KDSK will play for fans the new song "Baby I Love You" by John Krondes and the Jordanaires with the Sweet Inspriations and again "If There Were No Moon" with the TCB Band.

WHO: John Krondes, Elvis Girlfriend Linda Thompson, England's Elvis Fan Club President Sid Shaw, Uptown Horns Saxophonist Crispin Cioe, KDSK Radio DJ Donn Webb.

WHERE: www.KDSK.com or 92.7 FM in Greater Albuquerque, NM

DATE: Friday April 7, 2006

TIME: 2:30pm Mountain Time Interviews Begin (**Donn Webb's Show Starts At 2:00pm Mountain Time)

"Baby I Love You"
Was The Numer One Most Added Record in AC Radio in the U.S. this past week!!!

"The End" and "Vegas In The Morning" by John Krondes and The Jordanaires with the "Hit Making Team" is readily available at Amazon.com and other major internet retailers.

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