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Hot New Music Download Site Goes Global

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It stared as a pet project, a few friends, the internet and a love for sharing music, 5 months later it's bigger than anyone could have imagined.

(PRWEB) April 9, 2006 -- The internet is a strange place, creating wealthy young entrepreneurs and uniting a global community of strangers, www.lifetimedownload.com (the free music download network) is an example of the raw untapped power of the Internet.

Justin Harrison is an internet marketer, with a love for the internet and its endless possibilities, but even he was shocked when his pet project became an overnight success.

“It started really as a hobby, I created a website where fellow internet marketers and webmasters could come online to chat, Blog and share music. I still don’t really know what happened, but one morning I was looking at the website stats, and discovered that in one day alone we had received 5187 visitors from 37 different countries” – says Harrison

Realising an opportunity, Harrison set about commercialising his pet project and two days later he received his first paying member.

It’s been five months since www.lifetimedownload.com started accepting paying members, and the results continue to astound even the most hardened critics.

www.lifetimedownload.com has now expanded their site to include an affiliate program, which offers affiliate partners 61% of all member referrals for the lifetime a membership, a Blog about downloading free music online, and a controversial set of sexy banner adverts.

Asked about the provocative nature of the sexy affiliate banner adverts, Harrison smiled wryly and said “its all about grabbing attention, I think we are doing a pretty good job of that.”

Savvy, aspirant and enthusiastic Justin Harrison is one of those personalities you just can’t get enough of. It would seem that he has the midis touch, and the latest project in www.lifetimedownload.com is no exception to this rule.

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