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Bob Franke

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Bob Franke is an American folk music singer and songwriter. He was born in 1947 in Hamtramck, Michigan, and started his career when he was in the University of Michigan. In 1965, Franke performed at a coffeehouse located in Ann Arbor called The Ark. In 1969, Franke graduated with a degree in English literature and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has lived in New England since then, and currently resides in Peabody, Massachusetts. Franke is also a songwriting teacher and has held many workshops; he also wrote several songs for a ballet based on The Velveteen Rabbit.

As a liberal Christian, Bob Franke often includes spiritual themes in his lyrics.  For example, “Hallelujah! (The Great Storm is Over)” from the album The Heart of the Flower (1995). Some of Franke’s song are also about politics, such as the song “Kristallnacht is Coming”, from that same album.

In total, Bob Franke has released 9 albums: Love Can’t Be Bitter All the Time (1976) which is currently out of print, One Evening in Chicago (1983), For Real (1986), Brief Histories (1989), In This Night (1991), The Heart of the Flower (1995), Long Roads, Short Visits (1997), The Desert Questions (2001), and The Other Evening in Chicago (2005).

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