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John Denver

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John Denver (born Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.) was an American folk singer, songwriter, musician, and actor bone in Roswell, New Mexico on December 31, 1943. Denver died at 53 years old in the coast of Monterrey, California when he was piloting a Rutan Long-EZ, an experimental plane made of fiberglass.

John’s father, Henry Deutschendorf, Sr., was a flight instructor and an Air force officer. Denver was born at the time his father was in the Rowell Army Air Field. He grew up in several bases of the southwest of the US. Denver was in the Fort Worth, Texas Institute and later in Texas Tech University, where he was a member of the Delta Tau Delta brotherhood.

His insertion in the world of music came at the age of 12, when his grandmother gave him an acoustic guitar 1910 Gibson. He started performing in local clubs when he was still in college. In 1964 he left the University and moved to Los Angeles, California to become a member of the Chad Mitchell Trio, a folk music band. He left the group in 1969 to start his career as a solo. That same year, John Denver released his first album, Rhymes and Reasons. During the following years, albums such as Whose Garden Was This, Take Me to Tomorrow, and Poems, Prayers and Promises established him as a star of the popular American song.

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