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Nelson: Music Runs in the Family

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Nelson is a glam metal band that was formed by Gunnar and Matthew Nelson (twin sons of Ricky Nelson). Their song “(I Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection” was a No. 1 hit in the United States. The current members of Nelson are: Matthew Nelson (vocals, bass, guitar), Gunnar Nelson (vocals, guitar, drums), Cary Park (guitar), David Morgan (keyboards), Brian Burwell (drums) and Steven McClintock (guitar). The former members of this band are: Joey Cathcart (guitar, background vocals), Paul Mirkovich (keyboard, background vocals) and Bobby Rock (drums).

Gunnar and Matthew Nelson were raised in a musical family; their relationship with music began early in their life. After joining a band called Strange Agents, they formed their own band and signed with Geffen Records. In 1990, Nelson released After The Rain, their first album. After The Rain and the tour that the band organized to go along with the album were extremely successful.

Nelson and Geffen Records split in 1995. In 1996, Nelson set up Stone Canyon Records, their own record label, where they continued to release albums. This band has not been as successful as it used to, especially in the United States, but they are really popular in Japan. The discography of this band includes: After The Rain, Because They Can, Imaginator, The Silence Is Broken, Brother Harmony, Life and Like Father, Like Sons.

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