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Slaughter Came Out of Nowhere to Triumph

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Slaughter is a hair metal band that was formed in 1988. This band is from Las Vegas, Nevada. The original members of Slaughter were: Mark Slaughter (vocals), Dana Strum (bass), Tim Kelly (guitar) and Blas Elias (drums). Mark Slaughter and Dana Strum were members of Vinnie Vincent Invasion. This band began to walk in the path of success in the 1990’s when they appeared on MTV, and hit the radio and the touring circuit of the United States. On that same year, 4 songs of Slaughter reached the Billboard Hot 100. These songs were: “Fly to the Angels”, “Up All Night”, “Spend My Life” and “Real Love.”

In 1999, Slaughter released an album called Back to Reality. Jeff Blando replaced Tim Kelly as the guitarist of the band. Jeff Blando was a member of bands such as Left For Dead and Saigon Kick. The current members of Slaughter are: Mark Slaughter (vocals), Dana Strum (bass, background vocals), Jeff Blando (guitars) and Blas Elias (drums). The discography of this band includes: Stick It to Ya, Stick It Live, The Wild Life, Mass Slaughter: The Best of Slaughter, Fear No Evil, Revolution, Eternal Live and Back to Reality.

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