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Jim Croce

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Jim Croce (born James Joseph Croce) was a folk singer and songwriter born on January 10, 1943. His family was Catholic, but he converted to Judaism after marrying the former Ingrid Jacobson. Jim Croce graduated from Upper Darby High School on June 9, 1960 and then entered Villanova University, where he became interested in music.

Croce formed several bands during his time in the University with whom he performed at cafés and restaurants. Their music style at the time was inspired by artists such as Ian and Sylvia, Woody Guthrie, Gordon Lightfoot, and Joan Baez. Later, Croce met guitarist Maury Muehleisen, a talented musician who heavily influenced his music.

In 1972, Jim Croce signed to ABC Records and released the albums “You Don’t Mess around with Jim” and “Life & Times”. His first album reached the first position on the charts of 1974 with the singles “You Don’t Mess around with Jim” and “Time in a Bottle”. Jim Croce’s best selling single was “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”, which sold two million copies and was number 1 in 1973’s US charts.

Jim Croce died on September 20, 1973 in a plane crash in Natchitoches, Louisiana, just a day from releasing his third album. Apparently, the pilot suffered from a heart attack in mid-air and caused the plane to crash. Croce is buried in the Haym Saloman Memorial Park cemetery in Frazer, Pennsylvania.

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