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Jack Jones: Born to Sing and Perform Forever

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If you are interested in knowing Jack Jones’s artistic career, here you will find some important aspects about his life and what he has gone through in order to exceed in the music industry.

The place that gave birth to Jack Jones is simply coincidence because Hollywood is the home to many artists’ success. Because of the influence of his parents, Allan Jones and Irene Hervey, as actors and the talent flowing through his veins, he dedicated much of his life to performing shows for delighting his fans and people in general. In the 1960s, he was considered one of the most famous vocalists. Indeed, Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland referred to Jones as the best jazz singer in the world, such comments, of course, meant a positive response to increase a prestigious image, and therefore obtain more success, as when he got two Grammy Awards.

As a public figure, he is still popular in Las Vegas and his concerts have been heard in many different places around the world. Regarding his hits, his best-known songs include “Wives And Lovers", “Impossible", “The Race Is On", “Lollipops And Roses", “What I Did for Love", “Lady", “The Impossible Dream", and “The Love Boat Theme". It is very interesting to know that he even recorded “Strangers in the Night” before Sinatra did.

Another facet of his life is his participation in minor movies such as “The Comeback” and the British TV comedy “Cruise of the Gods”. In regards to love, he had a brief marriage with the actress Jill St. John, and then he had a romantic relationship with the actress Susan George. He has been considered the main interpreter of musical theatre and an impressing stage and movie actor; instead of just being a well-known solo concert singer.

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