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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach a Talented Compositor

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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, a German musician, keyboard player, and philosopher, was a productive composer of instrumental and vocal symphonies, in particular for keyboard instruments. He supplied to the creation of the so-named Viennese classical method. The second existing son of Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach educated with his father and melodically was the principal and powerful of the sons. His vocation as a complete has been said, by E.F. Schmid, to score a growth "halfway among the mind of his father and that of the Viennese music style". After training at Leipzig, he took a law grade at Frankfurt an der Oder. He traveled to Berlin in 1738 and began keyboard performance for the infantile crown prince, Frederick of Prussia, who became King Frederick II in 1740. Bach continued in Frederick's service as a keyboard player, musician, and supporter to other members of the royal melodious staff, which features Frederick himself as flutist and a very well-known group of musicians.

In 1767 Bach traveled from the center of Berlin to a place in Hamburg as manager of music at the most important churches of the town, and he lived in Hamburg until 1788 when he died. His projects called for wide work of holy music, and his Hamburg labors consist of a number of cantatas and motets and two oratorios. He also composed more than 250 secular and religious songs.

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