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The Youngest Successful Singer: Bobby Curtola

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Becoming a rock and roll singer and a teen idol since sixteen years old, it is not a matter of luck, but a matter of effort, talent, and dedication. This is the case of Bobby Curtola, a Canadian boy, born in Port Arthur, Ontario. His song, “Hand In Hand With You,” was part of his several songs on the Canadian music charts as well as his biggest chart-topper. “Fortune Teller,” was internationally successful. Indeed, he won a RPM Gold Leaf Award for being the first Canadian getting such an important award.

Besides his great singing career at Las Vegas Casino and at different clubs today, he also had a CTV musical series entitled, Shake, Rock and Roll. In the 80s, in order to portray a new and fresh image of himself, he decided to adopt the name Bobby Curtola to release one album. In view of his large cooperation with humanitarian work and recognition of his great contribution to the Canadian music industry, he became a member of the Order of Canada.

Beyond developing his artistic skills, Curtola ventured to be a business entrepreneur by marketing a famous brand of Caesar cocktail. Another aspect of his life has to do with being the director of Home Farms Technologies. Some of his best-known singles include "Johnny Take Your Time", "Don’t Sweetheart Me", "Aladdin", "Three Rows Over", and much more. As the youngest music icon, Curtola has reached more than 30 hit records, numerous TV appearances, and lots of time involved in community necessities. In this way, he was able to open different opportunities to the next generations.  

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