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Devendra Banhart

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Devendra Banhart is a psych folk singer and songwriter born on May 30th in Houston, Texas and raised in Venezuela. Devendra’s first label was Young God Records, with which he released his first albums. Currently, Devendra is signed to XL Recordings, and under this label his most recent CD was released.

Devendra Banhart is one of the most famous artists that came out in the New Weird America movement that includes artists such as Animal Collective, Faun Fables, Jack Rose, Viking Moses, the MV+EE Medicine Show, Jana Hunter, We the Royal, Six Organs of Admittance, Currituck Co., and numerous others. Devendra Banhart is also part of the folk band Vetiver.

Banhart’s music consists mostly of guitar melodies and the topics in his lyrics are often related to nature and surrealism. He is compared by some to disparate musicians such as Daniel Johnston, Marc Bolan, John Fahey, and Billie Holiday. Also, Banhart is one of the younger artists who rediscovered the music of folk singer Vashti Bunyan.

So far, Devendra Banhart has released a total of six albums, The Charles C. Leary (2002), Oh Me Oh My… (2002), The Black Babies (2003), Rejoicing in the Hands (2004), Niño Rojo (2004), and his most recent release, Cripple Crow (2005).

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