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Barry Manilow: A Wonderful Superstar

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Barry Manilow, an American songwriter and singer, is well-known for his hit recordings “Copacabana (At The Copa)” and “I Write The Songs.” The main feature of this artist is dominating the soft rock scene during the 70s with countless top ten hits and multi-platinum albums. Some people agree with the fact that his music is kitsch or camp. As a commercial jingle singer and writer, he wrote the theme for State Farm Insurance  “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there” and the “Stuck on Band-Aid” song. He also worked as a pianist, producer and arranger.

As any other artist, he was criticized because of his career was made of romantic ballads, which seemed ridiculous and silly to some fans and critics. However, in spite of opinions, Manilow is an international icon whose career includes recording and songwriting, television, film and stage. Without any doubt and because of music charts, he is the Number One Adult Contemporary Artist of all time and his record sales surpass 50 million around the world. Really, thousands of songs have been written by him to be performed worldwide, with the purpose of surprising hundreds of people.

As a result, he won a Grammy, an Emmy, Tony Awards, and an Oscar nomination. Music is definitely part of his life, which was what he was born for, since at an early age, he started playing the piano and taking accordion lessons. Thanks to his skills, he became musical director of the CBS show Callback; this position permitted him to support himself for a while by means of writing, producing, and performing advertising jingles, including, for example, campaigns for McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Once consolidated his career, almost all of his releases have been successful up to now with his last production, Greatest Songs of the Fifties, released in 2006, as a compilation of three discs.

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