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John Rich was invited to one of Big Kenny’s show at a Nashville club. After the show, John and Kenny met and made tentative arrangements to get together and write some songs. Even though one or the other missed initial appointments, they eventually got together and started writing songs. Both men had already been in the music industry. Big Kenny became a full-time musician in his 30s. He got a record deal and released an album but without much success, so he lunched a wild outfit called luvjOi. On the other hand, John was a member in the band Lonestar but decided to try his luck in a solo career. Their second song written cooperatively, “I Pray for You”, became John’s first single as a solo artist. He was able to release an album but he was dropped from his label.

In due course, John and Kenny became friends and continued to write songs together. They also participated at each others show and progressively they started to turn their casual meetings in a weekly night gig at a small Nashville establishment called the Pub of Love. They called those sessions Muzik Mafia and it included more musicians than just John and Kenny. With Muzik Mafia, Big and Rich where able to sign to Warner Bros. Nashville. In 2004, Big and Rich released their debut album Horse of a Different Color which was able to reach number one in both Billboard national charts and Billboard country music chart. The album featured the participation of Martina McBride (with whom they have already worked in the album Martina). In 2005, Big and Rich released their second album, Comin’ To Your City, which is a brave bold album that reflects the trajectory these musicians have traveled.

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