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Buffalo Springfield

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Buffalo Springfield is a folk-rock group that although existed only for a short time, achieved to influence many other bands with their original music. The group was also the springboard for the careers of Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Jim Messina, and Richie Furay. The band struggled to stick together for roughly 25 months since their formation in April 1966. However, a chain of disruptions and bickering together with the pressure of the music business ultimately caused the disintegration of the band. Three albums were released during this time under the name of Buffalo Springfield, but the band also left a legacy that involves several demo recordings, live recordings, and studio outtakes.

It all began when Stephen Stills and Neil Young knew each other in Fort William, Ontario. Stills was on a tour with The Company, an off-shoot band of the Au Go-Go Singers, and Young was with a band he led since 1963, The Squires. Both, Stills and Young decided they wanted to work together, and almost a year later, when The Company disbanded, Stills traveled to the West Coast to find Young again and start the project they were longing to make with the aid of drummer Dewey Martin, who played with country artists such as The Dillards and Patsy Cline. The name of the band came from a steamroller parked outside Stills’ and Furay’s house. Their debut was at The Troubadour on April 11.

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