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Tesla: Not the Serbian Scientist

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Tesla is a hard rock band that was formed in Sacramento, California in 1984. The name of the band when it was formed was City Kidd but their manager advised them to change it while they were recording their first album. The members of Tesla are: Jeff Keith (vocals), Tommy Skeoch (guitar), Frank Hannon (guitar), Brian Wheat (bass) and Troy Luccketta (drums). The music of Tesla was a perfect match with the sound of the glam bands that appeared in the 1980’s; even though their sound had a little bit of blues. The lyrics of Tesla cover everyday subjects like alcohol, violence and girls. The members of Tesla wore T-shirts and jeans unlike the members of the other bands of that decade; which wore leather pants and make up.

A song of Five Man Electrical Band called Signs inspired an album of Tesla called Five Man Acoustical. A remake of Signs that Tesla recorded in1990 is included in that album. Some hit songs of Tesla are: “Gettin’ Better”, “Little Suzi”, “Modern Day Cowboy”, “Love Song”, “Edison’s Medicine” and of course “Signs.” The names of the band, certain albums and songs and the content of some songs are inspired on a Serbian-American inventor and engineer called Nikola Tesla. Since 2005, Tesla is on tour throughout some cities of the United States and Canada. The discography of this band includes: Mechanical Resonance, The Great Radio Controversy, Five Man Acoustical Jam, Psychotic Supper, Bust a Nut and Into the Now.

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